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How to Apply a Coupon CodeUpdated a year ago

Can’t find where to input a coupon or promotional code?

While some promotions auto-apply, others need a coupon code entered to receive the promotion. 

If you have a coupon code, it will need to be entered. Please be aware that it is safest to enter it in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and/or numbers as provided. If you have difficulty entering a code, please check your browser. Our system is designed to work with both Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers best, although other browsers may be supported as well.

When you go to your shopping cart, you will see Subtotal, Shipping, and Tax totals. Below that, you will see the Coupon / Gift Certificate. Enter your code in the box directly under the words and select apply. The offered discount will be applied to your cart.

Please be aware coupon codes may affect free shipping settings as free shipping is based on your ordered merchandise total after any coupons or discounts. By looking at the top of the page, you will be notified of your FREE SHIPPING status.

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