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Earth-Friendly ProductsUpdated a year ago

To help our customers better grasp the sustainability of our products, let's take a closer look at Alpaca in today's fashion. Inca Fashions is revolutionizing eco-friendly garments by utilizing pure, 100% natural Alpaca as an affordable and friendly form of fashion knits that are both attractive and luxurious.

At Inca Fashions, we believe that looking good doesn't have to be more important than feeling good. With Alpacas, you can have both. Our focus is on designing earth-friendly garments that satisfy form, function, and fashion. We've proven that fashion can feel as good as it looks.

Alpacas produce a very fine and lightweight fleece. Not only is it naturally water-repellent and moisture-wicking, but it also provides thermal insulation even when wet and effectively resists solar radiation. With its softness, durability, and luxurious feel, Alpaca is a silky natural fiber that outperforms sheep's wool. It's warmer, less prickly, and hypoallergenic due to its lack of lanolin. This natural composition also provides protection against extreme temperature changes, offering the same level of protection as the garments themselves. Furthermore, Alpaca is a sustainable and naturally organic fiber that grows in 22 dye-free shades. 

Our designs showcase the natural beauty of the fiber while also incorporating artistic and fashion-forward elements. Annual shearing and yarn production are natural processes, free from harsh chemicals, making Alpaca one of the greenest and most environmentally friendly textiles available.

Our collections bring together the natural beauty of vivid colors to create earth-friendly clothing that is both stunning and head-turning.

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